Focus on the EN 1335 standard that regulates office chairs.

KWESK chairs comply with the EN1335 standard regulating office chairs. This standard relates to several aspects that have a direct impact on the position of users and therefore on their health and safety. Let’s take a closer look at this EN1335 standard.

The standard is composed of 3 parts :

  • EN 1335 Part 1 for Dimensions
  • EN 1335 Part 2 for Safety Requirements
  • EN 1335 Part 3 for Endurance Tests
EN 1335 Part 1

Considered as a “work tool”, the seat must be adapted and adaptable, depending on the work situation in which it is used. On that point, the INRS in France (Institut National de la Recherche et de la Sécurité) publishes recommended dimensions and characteristics for office chairs, in the “normal sitting” and “standing” positions.
More than a comfort tool, the seat is a means of work. The so-called “ergonomic seat” is a seat that is perfectly adapted to the working conditions of the user. For this to happen, it is imperative that these conditions are known in advance. In addition, the individual characteristics (weight, height, age) of the user must be taken into account and several tests and adjustments must be carried out so that the seat adapts to the physiology of the individual body.

EN 1335 Part 2

The European standard EN 1335 regulating the mechanical safety requirements for office chairs sets out a number of requirements based on the daily use of a work chair for 8 hours a day by a person weighing up to 110 kg. Published in 2000, this standard was revised in 2020 to take better account of changes in working conditions in the office sector. This includes a review of the ergonomic and dimensional requirements for office chairs and the measurement methods used.

EN 1335 Part 2

Part 3 determines the ability to withstand heavy and malicious impact forces
It also determines the ability to withstand fatigue and wear caused by vertical downward forces.

All KWESK chairs have been successfully tested according to the new version of EN1335 parts 1, 2 and 3. This means that they meet all requirements in terms of comfort, ergonomics, safety and durability.

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