KWESK is the first manufacturer of office furniture to design chairs intended for intensive use in call centres and particularly within any business.

To date, several hundred thousand businesses rely on the KWESK brand mainly due to its sturdiness and the refined design of its chairs and desktops. This is the result of several years of research and development as well as the extensive experience of its founders in the call centre field. KWESK products are thus recognised today as indispensable furnishings for businesses looking for comfort, style and especially durability. KWESK Ergonomic Office Equipment and desktops have demonstrated exceptional resistance during Highly Accelerated Life Tests.KWESK ergonomic office equipments have demonstrated exceptional resistance during highly accelerated life tests.

Beyond the unanimous sturdiness of all KWESK’s products, our engineers focus their efforts on innovation always with the goal of offering furnishings that exceed business expectations. For example, we cite the structures that are reinforced with a steel-based alloy, our air-mesh, anti-allergy coating, our high density foam and our anti-static, anti-dust plastic.

The story of KWESK began in 2008 when its Founder Eric Burgan decided to leverage his call centre experience.

He brought together seasoned skills in the design of desktops and chairs in order to develop innovative products in terms of design that are resistant to the most intensive use in the most extreme conditions.

After a battery of usability tests and highly accelerated life tests, the KWESK team decided to mass produce 4 models of chairs and desktops essentially covering all the broad needs of call centres and businesses.

After a few years, the KWESK team was proud to be able to announce that its chairs and desktops equip millions of workstations around the world.

All KWESK products meet the following standards:

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