Released in 2020, the brand new PLATINIUM 1000 is the ultimate executive chair. It integrates several KWESK innovations including the avant-garde polished aluminium structure and the multiple adjustments controlled from ergonomic and easily accessible buttons.


    Released in 2020, the PLATINIUM G version offers the same comfort and advanced settings as the PLATINIUM 1000 with a low backrest to accommodate your visitors in your office or meeting room.


    The EXCLUSIVE 700 Office Chairs Model perfectly meets the high expectations of businesses in terms of design and comfort. Its cutting-edge design, its material and its advanced settings ensure all users enjoy unrivaled well-being.


    The G version of the EXCLUSIVE chair offers the same comfort and advanced settings to welcome your visitors in your office or meeting room.


    Many businesses require affordable Office Chairs with an innovative design that incorporates an aluminium structure. The EXECUTIVE 350 series offers these two options with the sturdiness shared by all KWEST products.

  • VP 300

    The VP300 chair can be an excellent choice to furnish your offices because of its aluminium frame, sleek design, self-gravity sync mechanism and optimal comfort.

  • Officer 250

    The OFFICER 250 Office Chairs earned the distinction of holding the best comfort for money. Its wide and deep seat as well as its adjustable settings provide an exceptional feeling of comfort.

  • Leader 220

    Equipped with a sliding seat and several other adjustments, the Leader 220 proudly defends its rank at the entry of the high-end Office Chairs for companies with a tight budget.


    A wide and deep seat, an impressive and ergonomic polished aluminum frame make the LEADER C the ideal chair to receive your visitors.

  • X-PRO 200

    The X-PRO 200 is the perfect balance between budget, sturdiness, design and comfort. It is the first Office Chairs model to stand up to the challenge of an exclusive design while maintaining a price that is well below estimates.

  • X-PRO C

    In CANTILEVER version, the X-PRO C allows you to offer your visitors relaxed seating partly thanks to its sliding seat mechanism and its foam backrest. It also keeps the perfect balance between budget, robustness, design and comfort.

  • SIERRA 190

    Equipped with a fabric backrest composed of a hard hull and injected foam, the Sierra 90 guarantees a perfect combination of price, performance and comfort for companies that are not very fond of mesh.

  • Challenger 175

    The Challenger 175 remains an inevitable option for companies looking for an Office Chairs with a professional look, a good level of comfort, an optimized cost and a life span of more than 5 years based on a hard use following all KWESK products.


    Optimised cost and corporate design are the main assets of the CHALLENGER C. Your visitors will appreciate its ergonomics and comfortable seating.

  • Gamma 150

    The attractive price of the Gamma 150 amazes and makes it as the best “Lowcost” Office Chairs in the market.
    Every year, it attracts thousands of companies with its unique and avant-garde design, its comfort as well as its extreme strength.

  • WINNER 125

    Released in 2021, manufactured in Italy-Germany-Morocco, the WINNER 125 provides an exceptional quality/price ratio by offering as standard molded foam with anti-stain fabric.

  • CORPO TEAM 100

    In the Low cost range, the CORPO TEAM 100 Office Chairs takes the prize for the sturdiest chair with the necessary comfort for long work days.

  • DELTA 90

    With its polished aluminium frame, embedded armrests and 4-legs base, the DELTA 90 takes up little space and gives a corporate look to your meeting rooms.

  • CADDY 80

    Extremely robust material, high quality components provide a long life service to the new CADDY 80. This newly designed training chair will help maximising the available space in your office training areas.


    Built around a reinforced aluminium structure, the Training 50 remains the strongest mobile chair on the market to equip your briefing or training rooms.